Upcoming Exhibition with Genevieve Geer of Le Puppet Regime

Le Puppet Regime by Genevieve Geer
Stained Glass Marionettes + Sculptures
“You Never Know Who’s Pulling The Strings”
February 13th – April 12th
Opening Reception: Friday, February 13th from

We are thrilled to announce a solo exhibition with Philadelphia artist, Genevieve Geer of Le Puppet Regime.  Genevieve makes brilliant stained glass marionettes of tattooed showgirls, circus freaks, Siamese twins, mermaids, strong men, minotaurs and more.  Each piece has movable limbs so you can contort and pose your puppet in any way you choose.

We first stumbled across Genevieve’s unique work after she applied for our 2014 May Art Star Craft Bazaar.   We had never seen anything like it before and it isn’t often that we come across cool stained glass work!  Her application definitely gave us goose bumps.  We were even more smitten after checking out the work in person.  Not only does she make marionettes, but she also makes larger sculptural wall pieces and a line of jewelry.

Her exhibition at Art Star will include her popular marionettes but also some more of her larger sculptural pieces.  The show will differ a bit from our typical exhibition.  Though the larger pieces will remain up throughout the duration of the show, the marionettes will be available to take home the day of purchase.  We will have a back stock to replace pieces as they sell.  The show will open the day before Valentine’s Day, so bring your date to check out the show, mix and mingle with the artist, enjoy a beer + snack and pick up a one-of-a-kind art piece for your special someone!

Artist Statement: Genevieve Geer’s stained glass characters are articulated, modern day people, captured in an ancient art. They are holy in their medium, hearkening back to saints and sinners in churches everywhere, but they are living contemporary tales. Instead of stained glass as static object, well placed, well lit, and coveted as an architectural asset, these pieces move themselves to center stage. By pulling the characters out of the allotted window frame, Geer begins to force a reassessment of this medium. Further, by articulating each creature and character, the audience can no longer dismiss the work as sparkly background noise. They must look at each piece and divine it’s story, what it is and where it comes from.

The Artist’s process is painstaking and involved. The first steps are drafting a basic line drawing on paper and transferring the cartoon to glass, using hand mixed powdered glass paint that is then kiln fired. Cutting the glass, coppering, soldering, drilling and piecing together the final figure allows for variations and deviations at every turn, often resulting in creatures that stray from the initial drawing by happy accident. “Powdered glass paint is a medium unlike any other–one can have a general idea of what it will do, but sometimes it’s better than me, it knows what will look best, and when that happens, if I am smart,  I lift the brush quickly off the glass, let it dry and get it in the kiln.”

Geer is constantly feeding her work, researching embroidered textiles and antique dishware patterns, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, contemporary couture fashion, Russian movie propaganda posters, illuminated manuscripts, and contemporary illustrators like Yuko Shimizu.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Genevieve Geer is a Philadelphia based artist working in glass, metal, wood and textiles. Originally from Massachusetts, she attended Parsons School of Design for Illustration and The Museum School in Boston for Animation. She moved to NYC soon after graduating and worked as a freelance prop fabricator over the next few years. When she relocated to Philadelphia in 2007, she began to experiment with a new medium, hot glass. She started out as a manager of a local public access glass studio for a year before taking an apprenticeship at Wheaton Village in New Jersey. There she developed her blown glass skills, but was also introduced to casting, kiln forming and flat glass techniques. After two years she returned to Philly and she and her husband built a studio in their Kensington home. In 2012, after seeing a stained glass show by the artist Judith Schaecter in Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary, a spark was lit and Genevieve began to research and experiment with stained glass. In this one medium she found a meeting place for her training in illustration, animation and hot glass. Her company, Le Puppet Regime, came into being soon after, and features articulated, movable stained glass characters and scenes.

Visit  http://www.genevievegeer.com/ for the artist’s full portfolio.
Find a selection of her work at our shop + on our website.

Genevieve Geer’s Le Puppet Regime Opens Friday!

Enjoy this fun trailer for Genevieve Geer of Le Puppet Regime’s solo exhibition at Art Star. The opening reception will be this Friday the 13th from 6-8pm and will include snacks, light refreshments, Cut and Paste Photobooth and first dibs on this incredible work! And find out who is really pulling the strings 😉

Learn more about Genevieve and her work here.

Announcing 4 Pop Ups at Art Star!

We will be hosting an in-store Pop Up with 4 of our local Art artists: Le Puppet Regime, Wild Hart Paper Co, Stanley Chester & Albert, and West Oak Design. These ladies will each be setting up mini shops in our back gallery space from January 23rd – March 13th. This is an excellent chance to shop each artists’ full collection of goods all in one place!

Promo blogThese mini shops will be set up by each individual artist, so you can expect a branded display that reflects each of their personal aesthetics. This gives us an oppurtunity to really spotlight these 4 customer favorites!

Le Puppet Regime: Stained Glass Marionettes and Jewelry
Wild Hart Paper Co: Stationary, Wrapping Paper, Prints and Home Goods
Stanley Chester & Albert: Pottery
West Oak Design: Clothing, Bags, Jewelry, and Home Goods

We will be hosting an opening reception to debut the Pop Ups on January 23rd from 5-8pm. Stop by to mingle with the artists, enjoy light refreshments and get first dibs on new products and designs!

Be sure to keep checking back in, as each artist will be restocking as their items sell!

Upcoming Artist Opportunities


Genevieve Geer of Le Puppet Regime at our Spring Art Star Craft Bazaar. Photo by Chris Kendig

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to our 12th Annual Art Star Craft Bazaar on May 9th + 10th. It was one of our busiest years yet – over 15k people came out to buy  handmade this past year! If you did not make it to our show, please visit our vendor line-up page or stop by our store to shop our vendors!

We have just a few (winks) events coming up! AND many opportunities for Artists and Crafters who are looking to vend.

Art Star Craft Bazaar at Asbury Park, NJ – July 25th + 26th Details HERE

Art Star Pop Up Market at Spruce Street Harbor Park. Every Saturday through September 26th from 11-4pm. NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

Art Star Pop Up Market at 2nd Street Festival. August 2nd, 12-8pm. NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS 

You can find info and applications for ALL OF OUR UPCOMING SHOWS now at www.artstarcraftbazaar.com This includes our Pop Up Markets

AND Please check out all  the beautiful photos taken by Chris Kendig at our May 9th + 10th Bazaar here.

12th Annual Spring Art Star Craft Bazaar

12th Annual Spring Art Star Craft Bazaar

More Artist Opportunities in Philadelphia via some of our friends (all now accepting applications):
Art Market At Tyler School of Art 
Bang!Boom!Craft fair
Art For The Cash Poor HURRY! Only a few spaces left!!



Giving Back: Help us, Help Black Hound Studio!

A couple of years ago someone told Erin and I that there was a rumor going around that we are Electric Factory heiresses and that is how we were able to start Art Star. I thought that was so funny. It couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

a very old photo of Erin + I in our gallery!

an old photo of Erin + I in our gallery! Photo by Angie Mason

We opened Art Star in our mid 20s on a shoe string budget. We were both right out of art school and struggling to make ends meet. We wanted to be able to do what we loved and also pay the bills. Being young and naive was a good thing for us. I don’t know if we’d have had the courage to start Art Star if we had this idea now that we are both getting close to 40.

Since we aren’t Electric Factory heiresses (do they exist?!) and really had no money to speak of, we had to be creative about how we could afford to start our business. We found a space in a new development that was offering free rent for the first few months and we jumped on it. We priced every single thing out, down to the staples. We told people what we were going to do and though many thought we were crazy, others were so supportive and offered their services for super cheap (or free) to help us get started! A woman who i was friendly with at The Clay Studio (where I worked at the time) gave me a Home Depot Gift Card which ended up having $800 on it. I didn’t even know her that well, she just believed in what we were trying to do. One family friend who was a lawyer looked over our lease for free, another family friend did all of our construction work at cost, and the list goes on.

We also came up with the idea to host a Raffle party to raise money. Friends donated art work and we hosted the party at a friend’s house in an old gymnassium turned apartment. We made $1,000. It came together pretty magically and we are so grateful to all the people that helped us get started. We’ve been in business now for over 12 years!

The future home of Black Hound Clay Studio

The future home of Black Hound Clay Studio

When Bethany Rusen of Stanley Chester and Albert came to us with her idea to open a co-working ceramic space in West Philly, we wanted to do whatever we could do to help her achieve her dream! We told her about our raffle and offered to host one for her in our space. Small business is important to us and we want to see more women start them!

Please help us, help Bethany, achieve her goals of opening up Black Hound Clay Studio (click that link to learn more about it). We will be hosting the raffle at Art Star this Saturday from 6-8pm in conjunction with the Closing Reception for our Pop Ups, which features Bethany’s line Stanley Chester + Albert, Le Puppet Regime, Wild Hart Paper Company, and West Oak Design. There will be a slew of ridiculously awesome raffle prizes, donated by some really amazing artists and local businesses. Bethany is posting many of them on our Facebook event invite HERE. Raffle Tickets are just $5 each and if you buy 10, you get 2 FREE! We will be announcing the winners at the end of the night! All money raised will go towards Black Hound Clay Studios opening expenses. It is NOT CHEAP to start a business, especially one that requires pricey equipment like kilns.

We hope you will join us! Oh and there will be free beer. It’s the least we can do as rumored Electric Factory heiresses.

Art Star CRAP Bazaar

Due to this event’s overwhelming success, we’ve decided to extend it through February 5th! Most artists have restocked so there are a ton of great finds still!

illustration by Andrew Zangerle

illustration by Andrew Zangerle

You read it right, we are hosting an Art Star CRAP Bazaar! It will be nothing like the Art Star Craft Bazaar, so you have been warned! A handful of our regular artists will be selling off their “Seconds” at huge discounts in our back gallery space for ONE WEEKEND ONLY. FREE TO ATTEND.

Saturday, January 28th, 11-7PM
Sunday, January 29th, 12-6pm
in Art Star’s gallery space
623 N. 2nd Street

Participating Artists include:
BirdQueen Designs (jewelry)
Half and a Third (prints, wood, coasters, calendars, tees, etc)
Kasie Lyn Jewelry
Le Puppet Regime (Stained Glass Art)
On 3 Designs (bags)
Phea Jean (clothing and accessories)
Popped Stitches (Cross Stitch)
Stanley Chester & Albert (Pottery)
West Oak Design (Clothing, Home Goods, and Accessories)
Wrong World Ceramics (flasks, pottery)

No fancy booth displays and no frills! Just a few big tables in our back gallery space filled with stuff to rummage through! Artists will be selling items that didn’t quite make the cut, samples, one offs, items that are slighty “Off” but awesome all the same, items from past seasons or things they just flat out want to get rid of. Find a handmade treasure at A GREAT PRICE. This is a one time only event.

AND, the most important part: We will be donating 25% of our profits to the https://www.aclupa.org/