Andrew Zangerle’s Top 5 ASCB Picks

We have been showing work by Andrew Zangerle (The Maple Ridge)at Art Star for a few years now and he has participated in our bazaar for several.  We consider him a member of our Art Star family at this point.  We asked him to choose 5 of the Spring Art Star Craft Bazaar vendors that he is most excited to check out.  Here are his picks:

Going through this year’s vendor list for the Bazaar with the intent to high-light five that stand out to me was a lot harder than I thought. This is going to be an incredible year with some really amazing crafters. Here’s my list:

1. Fabric Horse. Fabric Horse makes (among other great things) these amazing Utility Belts! I seriously need one of these. It’s like a Fanny-pack and a Tool Belt had a baby…and that baby made you look like a Superhero. Why wouldn’t you want to have one of these?

 2. Buffalo Craft Company. I believe this is Buffalo Craft Company’s first time showing in Philadelphia. Mark and Katie are really nice and incredibly talented people. The Cuff bracelets are definitely my favorite item of theirs. If I were a woman I’d want several.

 3. The 50/50 Company. This print by The 50/50 company really stood out to me because I love patterns and the aesthetic qualities of the United States. They have a bunch of other prints and t-shirts. I know a lot of the time it’s hard to find a gift for a guy at a craft show so I’d highly recommend you check out The 50/50 Company.

 4. Horrible Adorables. The taxidermied felt creatures from Horrible Adorables are amazing. They all have so much personality and charm. They also come in a bunch of different sizes, too!  You get the sense that these creatures aren’t exactly mounted as trophies for your wall, but are in fact being displayed in their natural state. That they’re lively and playful and know magic…weird magic.

 5. Twig Terrariums.  The summer is just around the corner and I’ve been getting really excited about having plants around again. The great thing about Twig Terrariums is that they not only have ready-made terrariums you can pick up, but also have an assortment of kits so you can have fun creating your very own unique environment. They all look amazing.

Like I said–it was really hard for me to narrow it all down to just five, but I hope this helps you get pumped for this year’s Bazaar! And I know that all you true craft show attendees are going to hit up every vendor booth at Penn’s Landing. (don’t forget to stop by and say hello to me, too!)

Special thanks to Andrew for taking the time to share his favorite vendors with us!  Please check out our selection of The Maple Ridge’s items here or visit his Etsy page.  Check out our full Vendor Line-Up – what are your favorites?

And look out for more picks from our friends soon!

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