ASCB Staff Member Picks: Bob Brewster

The Art Star Craft Bazaar would not be possible without the help of our small staff & generous volunteers.  We are lucky to have the same people coming back each year to help us out & I mean it when I say we’d be absolutely lost without them!  I asked some of our staff members/volunteers to introduce themselves to you & pick out some of their favorite returning vendors & new vendors that they are looking forward to checking out.  First up is my brother, Bob.  He is responsible for moving around all the tables & chairs, helping vendors w/ load in & load out, & well, basically anything else we need done.  He does it all w/ a big smile, a great sense of humor, & loads of charm!

– Megan

Hello ASCB Attendees,

I’m Bob (aka: The Reverend, local table curler, loyal brudda).  You can catch me lifting heavy objects, moving tables, putting up tents, setting up vendors, running errands, directing you to the things you want to see, and dancing with a smile in front of the Art Star booth.  I’m personally proud to be a part of such a great event.  It’s my favorite weekend of the year.  That being said:

Get ready to get HOT AND HEAVY with some of the best artists the ART STAR CRAFT BAZAAR has ever had!

Now, I’d like to make a suggestion or two to ASCB first-timers and veterans alike:  Get there early and take a look at everything.  Do what I do.  Take 3 or 4 passes.  You’re bound to find something extraordinary tucked away in one of the booths that you just can’t live without.  Don’t fall victim to this rookie mistake – you can’t see everything in one pass.  Suggestion #2:  Make this a family outing.  ASCB has something for everyone – young, old, and in-betweens.  Share some quality time with family and friends, enjoy a relaxed lunch by the river (the array of food selections is amazing), and groove to the sounds created by some of Philly’s most talented musicians.  Finally, learn from my mistake.  Bring sunscreen.  Guaranteed you’ll get a jump-start on your summer tan.  The ultimate goals is to come out, have fun, and support the arts!

If this is by chance your first time coming to this event or you feel as if you want to meet some new artists that you have not gotten the opportunity to meet, here is my list of 2011 ASCB vendors that I enjoy:

1.)     Spaghetti Kiss – being the comic book/graphic novel nerd that I am, I can’t leave ASCB without purchasing one of Michael Bracco’s new installations of NOVO.  The story line is original and the artwork is magnificent.  I honestly can’t wait to pick up whatever new installations to the series that he has.

2.)     Cutesy but not Cutesy – Do you have a little monster at home or the son/daughter of your little monster?  Then make sure to check out this booth.  They carry a wide variety of plush pillow and toy monsters for you to choose from.  They make a perfect gift or a great conversation starter on the living room couch.  They also look as if they’ve designed some monster skin that you can rock during those cool nights and cold winters.

3.)    Adam SmithNow this is a vendor that I have yet to meet and when I saw he was placed on the list of vendors this year, I got really excited.  Much of his work mixes a graffiti/skateboard vibe with everything that you love about Philadelphia.  I’m really excited to pick something up from this gentleman, and check out all the other great stuff that he may bring to the event that is not up on his website.

4.)    Fuzzy Ink – All I need to say is mustaches and mustache accessories.  I really don’t have to say much else except MUSTACHE COOKIE CUTTERS!!!!!!!!

5.) BirdQueen DesignsLooking for that wonderful piece of jewelry for that very special someone?  Well look no further.  BirdQueen Designs puts together fun yet elegant pieces of jewelry that say “I love you” while peaking her interest.  Peacock feathers, octopi, and bow necklaces.  If you want to be the talk of the room, make sure to invest in a piece of their jewelry. 

I’m going to be honest, when I first saw many of the vendors that will be at the 2011 ASCB, I kind of got excited and depressed at the same time.  Excited because of all the great artists and depressed because of all the money I KNOW I’m going to spend.  Now, I STRONGLY suggest that you check the vendors section of the ASCB web page and get to know all of the vendors.  Take a few minutes and cruise their websites and get an idea about where you’re going to spend most of your time.


Bobby B.

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