ASCB Vendor Spotlight: Shawn Hileman


photo by Chris Sembrot

Artist: Shawn Hileman

Gallery/Studio Space: Masthead Print Studio

Located In: Philadelphia
find him at booth # 54 at our upcoming art star craft bazaar!

Art Star: When & where did you learn silkscreen?  How long have you been doing it for?

Shawn Hileman: I printed a bit in college but it was just a hobby. I started screenprinting on a regular basis when I opened the studio in Dec 09′. It’s been quite a ride figuring out all the kinks!

AS: What drew you to work primarily in this medium?

SH:I was sick of sitting at the computer all the time so this gives me the opportunity to get really hands on and test my craft skills. When you have multiple copies of a piece as well it allows everything to be able to afford custom art. No print is ever exactly the same and it’s funny because I can remember all the tiny differences on my prints that nobody will ever probably notice.

Beirut Poster

AS: Tell us a bit about Masthead – your studio space/home & art gallery.

SH: Masthead started as a place where I could print and live. Then I had the first show in Feb 10′ with the NoDivision Design Syndicate. Since that was successful I starting doing more and more events. Now we usually have a show every 6 weeks with the occasional lecture or rock show. It’s a ton of work but I’ve had some great people help out with the space. Jp (Flexner) and James (Heimer) do so much for the space. Without them none of this would of been possible. They are also mind-blowing screenprinters and have taught me basically everything I know about printing (and drinking whiskey).

AS: What other artists do you show?  Are they all printers?

SH: We have had a ton of great artists pass through the space. Dan Knapp is always making some of my favorite pieces in each show. We had Kevin Mercer do a solo show last year that turned out amazing. Most people do screenprint their own work here, which is awesome. I have been trying to get more non-printers in and teach them. That way it would give the opportunity for more painters, illustrators, and designers to learn the process.

AS:Do you do design work / print for other companies/individuals?

SH:I work a lot with Urban Outfitters and some other ad agencies doing design work and usually do a good amount of print jobs for other people.

Neol Gallagher Poster

AS: Are there any particular printers or artists in general that have inspired your work?

SH:Definitely Erik Hamline of Steady Print Co. in Minneapolis. His style is really versatile and always top notch. Tim Gough has been a favorite of mine since I was in school. Steve Speir has been honing his style lately and just cranking out sick work as well.

AS: What is your creative process like?  Do you sketch or do you work directly on the computer?

SH: I have to dwell over the concept before I start sketching and digitizing. Once I have that down, I sketch out the layouts and then scan in the elements. I do a lot on the computer and this is why you should make your scanner your best friend.

AS: Where do you see yourself and/or Masthead in the next 5 years?

SH: Oh man, this is a hard one. I was just planning everything around 2012! I would like to keep doing freelance and screenprinting, but we’ll see. I would like to check out some other parts of the world like London and Australia.

Ride Away With Me, limited edition print

AS: Aside from your etsy shop & Art Star (and Masthead of course) where do you sell your prints?

SH: I actually just sent some prints to Little Paper Planes in California. I get a lot of purchases from the UK which is great that people are seeing my work overseas.

AS: What can customers expect to find at your ascb booth?

SH: I have a good mix of abstract, commercial and music posters. Maybe a pinata as well. Just don’t come by during siesta time.

AS: Any fun/exciting projects in the works?

SH: I finished some packaging for the Yards Brewing Company last week and a couple of music posters. I am also working on some branding for a film company in New York City.


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