ASCB Volunteer Picks: Heather DeRonck

Hi. I’m Heather. I have been volunteering at ASCB, I guess since the 2nd or 3rdyear – a long time. My friend Patty and I started back then and more friends joined in over the years. Now there are about 5 of us who help out every year. We always work the first shift of the first day; setting up tables and helping vendors find their way to their booths and lending a hand with hauling their loot. So if you see a pack of small women trying to unload your car for you, fear not, we are there to help – not mug you.

Art Star Craft Bazaar is one of those events I look forward to all year. I squirrel away money for months, I make lists of whose booth I must be sure to get to, and what things I can’t go home without. Every year I make sure to pick up a couple of pieces of distinctive jewelry, a cute bag or two, a summery skirt, a fun print, and usually t-shirts for my husband. And that is just for myself, then there is time spent looking for stuff for my shop!

The aforementioned husband and I own Bicycle Revolutions, an independent bike shop in the Queen Village neighborhood here in Philly. One of the unique things about our store is that we sell all sorts of bicycling lifestyle items. We love supporting other small businesses and craftspeople and we stock loads of local + handmade hats, jewelry, shirts, and all kinds of bags – mostly from people I have met at ASCB. My first order of business for the day, once my shift is over, is to touch base with some of my favorite folks from previous years.

Endless Hats

First stop – Emily and Nick from Endless Hats. They are the nicest people and make the loveliest hats. Each year I buy more and more of them, our customers love these hats and so do I. They use repurposed fabrics: breezy linens, soft corduroy, cozy wool. Endless hats = perfect.

Vaya Bags makes cycling bags and accessories that are well made and look good; who could ask for more. The recycled inner tube bags and pouches make me week in the knees. I have more than one of the hip pouches and we have been selling them at the shop for a few years. They are incredibly handy, totally waterproof, and super sturdy.

Maureen Duffy Bicycle Carcass Necklace

Two year’s ago I met Maureen Duffy at Art Star and instantly fell in love with her bike carcass necklaces. She takes photos of abandoned bicycles and makes jewelry out of the image – genius! She also has lovely silhouette earrings that are affordable and so cute.

Horrible Adorables is a vendor I am so happy to see coming back. I didn’t make it to their booth until late in the day last year and missed out big time. Their plush taxidermy is so indescribably wonderful. I am not leaving without one this year.

Ipad Techee Sleeve by Rogue Theory

There are tons of amazing new vendors on the line up this year. My must see list is long, but the highlights include:

Rogue Theory makes small bags that are so perfect. From fabric choice to smart design, to impeccable stitching, to reasonable prices – they really have nailed it. Not to mention that they could very well be the nicest people on the planet. No, I do not exaggerate.

Amy Blasco’s jewelry is one of my favorite things ever. Her thought bubble pins are such a great gift (to yourself or someone else). I love anything personalized and being able to pick out just the right word or saying makes me too happy. I am starting a collection for sure.

Fabric Horse – I swoon, so many wonderful things. Carrie has created some often copied cycling accessories that are smart, practical, and fun. Lock holsters, utility belts, spats, tote bags, wallets and phone cases, oh my! We carry bunches of Fabric Horse stuff at the shop and they fly off the shelves.

I hesitate to even mention my last (but definitely not least) pick: Katie Henry’s Made by Hank. She is the first stop on my list as I am sure she will have a sell out. Her tough ruffle bags and sewn drawings are nearly impossible to get your hands on. I covet nearly everything she makes.

Thanks Megan and Erin for having such a great event year after year. You ladies are the best!

*No really, you ladies are the best – Megan

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