Featured Artist: April Hale

April Hale is a traditionally trained metalsmith who has been practicing her art for over ten years. Creating jewelry in her small studio in Bozeman, Montana, she derives her designs from forms and colors that she sees in the landscape. Because of her jewelry’s connection to the environment and her desire to create sustainable jewelry, all work is made from a minimum of 50% reclaimed materials. By using reclaimed steel or roofing copper as a base for colorful enamel, hand-forming earwires from recycled sterling silver, and forging steel baling wire into rings, bracelets, and components of necklaces and earrings, April creates jewelry that transforms everyday materials into expressive, finely crafted adornment.

When she is not working in the studio, April can usually be found wandering in the woods, either on foot or cross country skis, looking at birds and finding wonder in her surroundings.

“Flowers on Branches Necklace” by April Hale / forged steel, enameled copper, and sterling silver.

April in her studio.

Dangling Flower Earrings in Blue + Green by April Hale / sterling silver and enameled copper

Enamel + Steel Linked Bracelet by April Hale / forged steel, enameled copper, and sterling silver

Flower Post Earrings by April Hale / enamel + sterling silver

 We are so happy to be carrying April’s line of bright + colorful jewelry! Check out our entire collection of her work here.

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