Help fund Jen Corace’s Kickstarter!

Jen Corace is one of our favorite artists and we’ve been so lucky to work with her throughout Art Star’s 9 years,  so we were so thrilled when she told us about this awesome card game that she created with her brother, Jason Corace.  The game is called “Lords and Ladies – a game of Legacy, Gossip, and Intrigue.”  For those of you that are, like us, also obsessed with Downton Abbey, then this game is for you.  We would LOVE to see Lords & Ladies make it to stores (maybe even in Art Star) so please consider backing them.  They are getting so close to their goal of $16k, which they need to reach in 11 days.  There are also some fantastic prizes, which include copies of the game, original art from the game, and if you pledge the $600 they will create an illustration of you and add you to the game’s cast of characters!  Here is the link to the kickstarter.  Watch the video below!

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