Make This: Raffia Flower Gift Bow

We love making these pretty gift bows when we are feeling overwhelmed with projects & need to see something finished.  It is our way of dealing with stress…… We offer free gift wrapping in our shop & our customers are always asking how we make our fancy bows.  Here is a little how-to so you can make your own!

You just need some paper raffia & a pair of scissors.  We always keep a variety of colors in stock.  We buy ours from Nashville Wraps.

Step 1: take one color of the paper wraphia & cut 6 pieces that are 6 inches long.

Step 2: Peal each 6″ slice of paper raffia completely open

Step 3: Layer all 6 pieces together – one on top of the other.  Then cut points on either side.

Step 4: Cut a long piece of raffia (enough to go around your package) & one 12″ piece in a contrasting color.  Lay 12″ piece of raffia down flat & then cross longest piece on top of that.  Take two petals & pinch together in center.  Lay at center point of the crossed raffia pieces.  Take shorter piece of raffia & tie once in center of two petals.  It should look like the image below:

Step 5: continue adding petals in the same way.

Step 6: Cut 6 more pieces of contrasting color (here we used pink) about 5″ long.  Tie 2 pieces at a time in the same way you tied the petals.  When you come to the last 2 pieces, tie a double knot & trim.

The next time you are in Art Star buying a gift – ask us to wrap it for you! You’ll get one of these lovely flowers to top off your gift!

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