New Art Star Exclusive “Reading Octopus Mug by Susie Ghahremani”

We teamed up with San Diego based artist Susie Ghahremani of to create this awesome mug.  Susie created this illustration just for us & we hope to continue working with her on new products.   Local ceramic artist, Hope Rovelto of Little Chair Printing printed the illustration on these mugs for us & she did such an amazing job.  I’m excited about future collaborations with these two talented ladies.

Illustration © 2011 Susie Ghahremani/ Cutting board by Farmhaus Furniture.

I went and got a Pumpkin Butter Soy beverage from Soy Cafe across the street to test out the mug.  It was like drinking fall in a cup!  My favorite thing to do during the cold weather days is to curl up with a good book & drink a hot toddy made by my husband, Cisco.  That is what I will be drinking mostly from this mug.

Have you ever made a hot toddy?  It is easy.  Just add as much Wild Turkey American Honey Whiskey as you’d like (usually just a finger or so) to hot tea.  Get an orange or lemon wedge & stick some whole cloves into it & plop that in.  The honey whiskey adds just the right touch of sweetness.  Enjoy!

Susie Ghahremani is a 2002 graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a BFA in Illustration. Her artwork combines her love of nature, animals, music and patterns. Born and raised in Chicago, Susie now happily spends her time painting, drawing, crafting and tending to her pet finches and cat in San Diego, CA.

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