An Interview with Jamie Williams of Dop Dop Designs

First time ASCB booth mates Jamie Williams of Dop Dop Designs and Amber Zaraza of Phea Jean interview each other and find out what is in store for the upcoming bazaar! This first post features Amber’s interview with Jamie of Dop Dop Designs.  Enjoy!

How and when did dop dop designs develop into a business?
Where does the name dop dop come from?

The name dop dop comes from my youngest son, Kiefer.  When Kiefer was nearly 1, he didn’t say many words, but he sure loved flip flops. Having difficulty speaking, he would always call them dop dop’s.  As time went on, he would say dop dop whenever he was happy.  So, eventually, dop dop came to mean “all things good”.   My design focus started with an emphasis on aprons due to Kiefer’s acid reflux and my need to protect my clothing during feedings. There were a ton of cute burp cloths and baby coverage, but nothing for me.  So, I started designing aprons that were durable, easy to care for and pretty without being over the top. Therefore, I felt it only right to immortalize Kiefer’s role (and sweetness) in the development of my brand,  In July 2011, dop dop designs became a legitimate business.  Three years later, here I am expanding my products and hoping to transform your kitchens.

Describe the dop dop style.
My style is fresh, and clean but with an element of whimsy. Specializing in kitchen accessories,  I like to merge utility and practicality with a dash of happiness and turn the things that we need into the things that we want.  dop dop designs is all about versatility, quality, easy care, and pops of color.  I put the extra care into production so that you don’t have to.

What inspires your work?
As for inspiration,  I am totally inspired to create a comforting haven at the dinner table where my family and yours can reconvene at the end of each day.  Life is full of fast paced activities, dinner  shouldn’t be one of them.  Even when my children are getting mac n’ cheese for dinner,  I love how they feel like it’s the most special thing ever! Simply using a cloth napkin and a place mat transforms the everyday into an occasion.   Many expected and unexpected events can become inspiration.   Inspirational things (for me):  sounds and smells of the ocean, walks in the woods, running water in the shower, blooming flowers,  80’s/90’s industrial music (oddly enough),  old photo albums, and canning.

What items will you be bringing to the bazaar?

dop dop designs will be bringing a slew of items to the ASCB November 8th and 9th.  As always, full and half aprons in fantastic fabrics will be available,  potholders (deluxe and mini grabbers),  reversible placemats, double-sided deluxe napkins, linen napkins,  reversible table runners, and market tote bags made of vintage tablecloths~ perfect for any excursion.   All items are made of 100% premium cotton and handmade in Chester Springs, PA.

What dop dop item is perfect for gift giving?
All of my items are the perfect gift for anyone who has recently moved into a new home or apartment, an avid cook, anyone who has recently remodeled their kitchen, or someone who loves to create intimate dining spaces.  dop dop designs’ potholder gift sets are the perfect hostess gift,  placemats and napkins are the perfect gift for the new homeowner, and a fantastic one of a kind market tote would please anyone with a heart!

What other artists at the bazaar are you excited to check out?
I am so excited to be a part of the ASCB this fall, not only as an artist/maker, but as a shopper!   I’m a big pottery fan and love giving pottery as gifts….so, I’m looking forward to Little Flower designs for those needs.  As a sewer, can’t wait to see Group Hug Quilts!!!  Big quilt fan and love their work!  For my nieces, I am sure to be hitting up Dahling accessories.  AND, of course, I am looking forward to Phea Jean.  Nobody works vintage fabric like Amber.  Can’t wait!

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