Art Star Craft Bazaar Jury Process

Our mountain of Art Star Craft Bazaar Applications

The Art Star Craft Bazaar Deadline was this past Tuesday & we just finished jurying the show!  Erin & I carefully reviewed each application & chose artists whose work best fits our overall “Art Star” vision and aesthetic.  We also do our best to create a balance of different types of items (like jewelry, men’s accessories, t-shirts, baby items, etc). We put each application in a category & chose a handful of artists whose work we felt was the best from that category.  That way our show offers something for everyone.

Every year there is one category that is especially competitive.  Last year it was screen-printed posters/prints but this year it definitely was jewelry.  We could have juried an entire show of jewelry – the applications in this category were insanely strong.  But we can’t do that, so we had to choose and that is always the hard part.

I have to say that this pool of applicants was the strongest we have ever seen.  We are so immensely grateful to everyone that applied.  Though we hate having to turn people down, it is important that we do.  That way we can be extremely choosy & curate what we feel is the best show possible.  We can’t wait to share our line-up for this year’s show. We think it will knock your socks off!

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