Put a Dik Dik on it!

A few days ago my husband & I were convinced that the Pygmy Goat was the most adorable animal we’ve ever seen, but thanks to BuzzFeed’s post we are now all about the Dik Dik!

Source: Courtesy of the Chester Zoo via Buzzfeed

It looks like a mix between a miniature deer & giraffe, but it is a mini antelope from South Africa.  They are between 20-28 inches long & weigh 7-16 lbs.  Sounds like the size of my cat – I wonder if they’d get along b/c I want one!!  So crafters, I’d love to see you put a Dik Dik on it.  What is your favorite animal that you’d like to see plastered all over everything?

See more cuteness over on Buzzfeed.com  

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