ASCB Scores

About a week or so after our bazaar, I asked people to share what they got at the show with us for the chance to win a free tote bag & item from our line of products.  We asked everyone to take a shot of their purchases in action (being worn, hung on the wall, etc) with #ascbscore on Instagram.  We loved seeing all the pictures people posted.  I thought you’d like to see too, so here are some that were submitted.

@htp32 rockin’ her Phea Jean Dress

@brittstagram Love this little tea set with a Bowl Cover by Chez Sucre Chez and “Give Me Some Sugar” print by Yardsale Press 

@exit343 posted this pic of her sweet little Bunny by The Wind and The Sail (also, you should follow @exit343 because she makes awesome stuff too)

@kjerstieb Spread the Love Print by Yardsale Press and Types of Cake Print by Jillian Nickell

@mbuttich This one was one of my favorites and was a contender for the win.  This Cookie Bandit shirt was made by @mbuttich at the Little Chair Printing Make & Take Station.  They had vintage iron ons that customers could heat press themselves!

I chose @elle_melinda as the winner b/c I liked seeing the little Horrible Adorables in the Background with her in the foreground wearing her T-shirt by the 50/50 Company.

Thanks to everyone that played along with us! We’d still love to see what you got at the bazaar or from our shop.  Post your pics on instagram with #ascbscore OR #artstarscore. Make sure to change your privacy settings so we can actually see your pics.  We will pick our favorite photos from time to time & give out prizes.  Follow us on Instagram!

If you missed the bazaar, we stock a good amount of items from participating vendors in our shop OR go to our vendor page for links to everyone’s websites.

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