Kelly Kozma Solo Exhibition at Paradigm Gallery

Detail of “Chattersphere” by Kelly Kozma, mixed media on canvas

As many of you already know, Kelly Kozma is our first Artist in Residence.  If you’ve been at the shop, you might have seen her diligently working in her studio space in our side room that is off of our back gallery space.  For the last couple of months she has been busy finishing up her latest body of work for her solo exhibition at Paradigm Gallery.  Her exhibition, titled “Chattersphere”, will be the first at Paradigm’s brand new and much larger space at the NW corner of 4th and Fitzwater.

Detail of “Four Words, Sounds Like” by Kelly Kozma

Kelly’s process driven, mixed media work typically begins as a flat piece of paper or canvas and is meticulously worked with brightly colored shapes and patterns that are created with layers of drawing, painting, hand embroidery, + jewels. The end result is a rich tapestry of abstracted patterns and textures that looks more like a textile piece, rather than the flat canvas or paper that it began as.

detail of the back of “Four Words, Sounds Like” by Kelly Kozma

I learned a fun fact about Kelly’s work since she moved into our space –  the backs of each of her pieces are almost as interesting as the front, which led her to create prints of the backs of each finished piece.  These prints are then transfered onto a blank canvas, becoming the first layer of her subsequent piece. This creates a lovely continuity in her body of work.  I’ve seen each piece for Chattersphere and they are all amazing on their own.  I cannot wait to see them hanging all together.  The show is now up at Paradigm Gallery.  Please join us at the opening this Friday from 5:30 – 10. And if you can’t make it to the opening, the show is up through June 21st.

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