Meet The Maker: Lauren Quinn Ward of Felicette

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Felicette® is all about bringing more fun, creativity and delight into the world.

If you:

feel compelled to put a cat on everything you own,
are looking for the perfect personalized stamp,
or think it’s time to switch up the pins on your tote bag*,

then Felicette is perfect for you!

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I’m Lauren, the maker behind this one-woman shop. Growing up, I didn’t dress as a “stamp maker” for career day. And no, I’m still not sure what that would’ve looked like. But in 2008, I hand-carved my very first rubber stamp and within a few months, I found myself with a business!

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I’ve since graduated to a laser engraver, which makes those oh-so-clean lines, but I still create all of the stamps in-house, from sketching concepts to cutting blocks.


Most days you can find me working at my studio in Rockville, Maryland or sitting quietly on the couch watching Golden Girls with my husband and pets. It’s likely no surprise that we have not one, but two cats, Gidget and Wendy. Plus one big pup, Suki – who is fairly certain she is a cat, too. (The cats are 100% confident that Suki is not, in fact, a cat.) I am very excited about participating in Art Star Holiday Craft Bazaar, where I promise to say hi and will encourage you to stamp a postcard to take with you!

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I hope the things I create inspire you to share your one-of-a-kind personality with the world. And, of course, have some fun doing it.

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*Sometimes the soft pretzel wins over the typewriter, you know?

Find Felicette at our November 18th and 19th Art Star Craft Bazaar or at
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