Meet the Maker: Marisa Krol of Interstellar Love Craft

by Marisa Krol, Interstellar Love Craft

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I never planned on being a jewelry designer. They say, the thing we most enjoy doing as a child is incredibly valuable in identifying what would make us happiest as adults. Looking back now, I feel that is true for me. The beauty and mystery of life process, is how it has shown up in the most unexpectedly brilliant way.

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I firmly believe we are all gracing this plane of existence to connect with and learn from one another. In our own unique ways, we connect through infinite forms of expression. It is my intention to create a platform in which expression is free to be what it wants to be in any given moment. Interstellar Love Craft was created 6 years ago (almost exactly as I write this), to communicate the intention of connecting with and serving others though creative expression. Months after its inception, I began the process of learning my craft through volunteering my time studio assisting an artist in my local community. During this time; the past, present and future felt as if they were intersecting, and ILC found its home in the practice of jewelry metal smithing. I share this with you because openness has been, and continues to be, a significant component in the success and growth of this endeavor. An openness expressed in process as well as outcomes, interactions and direction. No matter what path one takes, it will always be a roller coaster of experiences and feelings about those experiences. So long as we adhere to our values and inner truth, pay attention, and not take anything that isn’t constructive personally, I firmly believe we will be taken care in this world.

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For me, expressing and sharing this inner light and truth is what inspires my line of work. My hope is that it is felt by, and experienced through the wearer. By utilizing open forms inspired by sacred places and sites of reverence, pieces take shape and become apart of a greater collection. There are tangents along the way that result in micro collections and one of a kind pieces. This keeps the work engaging for me, and hopefully for those who follow its development and support its growth. I often feel like I am making something for someone in particular, which is unique to them. It brings me joy beyond compare when each piece unites with its person. For this reason, I enjoy traveling as well as building relationships that are both customer and community based. For example, the Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia not only has become one of my favorite destinations, but it has also been a source of inspiration and collaboration in a way that facilitates growth. In no other place, that I have had the good fortune to spend time in, has the maker scene felt so supportive, healthy and fun. You all rock!


In closing, words cannot express the gratitude I feel for being able to participate in the creation of what I want my life to look like, and the good fortune of meeting others along the way who are invested in doing the same. It is a power we all possess, and one that requires the conquering of certain fears and trusting that the universe strives with us towards fulfillment. I hope that whatever it is that moves you, it is something you are able to practice with regularity. Discovering purpose in ones work, and feeling like we are a part of a larger network of life supporting beings seems to me to be most valuable.


Thank you for taking the time to read my musings on life, work, and creativity. I hope you are living (at least part of the time) in a place of childlike joy and peace. And if not, make the time to search and discover. Humanity might depend on it.


You can find Interstellar Love Craft at our November 7th + 8th Fall Art Star Craft Bazaar or visit her website year round!

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