Our NEW Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar Venue!

For the past 2 years we have absolutely loved hosting our Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar at the Simeoune Foundation Auto Museum. The space was absolutely perfect but unfortunately over half of our customers who rely on biking/walking/public trans could not get there. Centrally located, clean, well lit, and affordable event spaces are non-existent in this city. Especially ones that can accommodate our 75+ vendors and over 5k customers. We happened upon a space right on the waterfront and just a 10 minute walk from our shop. It is the Event Center at Sugarhouse and it is absolutely perfect. Here are all the perks (for both vendors and customers):

main room
main event space

It is centrally located and easily accessible via public transportation and many of our customers can easily walk or bike there. For our drivers and vendors, the venue offers FREE PARKING. Vendors can pull up right to the entrance to the venue from the parking lot for easy load in.

vendor load in door
entrance from parking lot into venue where vendors will load in
parking lot
Free parking for vendors and customers!

The space is located on the 2nd Floor. Customers can access the event directly from an elevator in the parking lot. Or you can come in at the North Entrance and access the elevators directly on the left. If you choose, you don’t have to enter the Casino area (which is on the first floor) at all!

elevators escalators
the Event Space is located on the 2nd floor of Sugarhouse

The space is well lit and spotless. The sound system is excellent. The bathrooms are also super fancy and able to accommodate our big crowds.

coat check
There will be a free coat check for guests.

There will be a full bar for guests to order drinks and we are able to bring in our food trucks.

There will be security throughout the event and the space will be secure for vendors overnight.

hallway make and take room
vendors will be lining the hallway leading to the large event room and this conference area will be cleaned out for us to use for Make + Takes.

We will be offering vendors a few space size options (6 ft table, 6×10 or 10×10 space). There will be booths lining the halls leading into a main event space where we will have most of the 10×10 spaces. There is a veranda off of the main event space that overlooks the waterfront. The view is spectacular and guests are invited to enjoy it, weather permitting.

main room2
The main event space where most of the 10×10 spaces will be.

Erin creepin in the shadows 😉 Check out that view!

We hope love it as much as we do. We are working hard to bring you a fantastic holiday bazaar! If you would like to apply to vend, go here.

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