Kelly Kozma’s Top 5 Art Star Craft Bazaar Picks!

I’ll start off by introducing myself to all of you Art Star fans and followers. My name is Kelly Kozma and I am fine artist, knitter, and maker of things. I live and play in Northern Liberties and work out of a studio on 1241 Carpenter Street, a building that is filled with many talented artists.  I also sell my line K knits at Art Star and occasionally fill in at the shop when these gals are running around doing other awesome things. Hats off to Erin and Megan for doing such an amazing job curating the ASCB this year. When I was making my top 5 list I noticed that Cisco, Andrew and I all chose different vendors which means there will be something for everyone! Check out my picks…

1. Andrew Cho

Vases by Andrew Cho

I love work that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing so Cho’s mugs, goblets and vases were right up my alley. He has amazing craft and technique and his hand drawn imagery is beautiful.  I’m also diggin’ the neutral palette with occasional splashes of color. It’s a nice mix between traditional and contemporary styles. Can’t wait to see what he brings in May.

Raspberry Hamantash Necklace by Inedible Jewelry

2. Inedible Jewelry

What’s better than hot dogs, cupcakes and honey bears you ask? Miniature versions that you can adorn your ears and neck with!  This sister-duo team makes the most adorable line of jewelry, featuring clay based earrings and necklaces that look like all of your favorite foods. They’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and your salty cravings. They are the perfect accessory to brighten your day!

Kelly modeling one of Malagueta’s tops

3. Malagueta

A few months ago I had the privilege of modeling some of Rachel Sherman’s line, Malagueta for Art Star. When I put on her tops I thought ‘now here is a designer that knows a woman’s body’! Everything fit so well and in all the right places:) The detailed appliqués make each piece feel unique and would make a stunning addition to any wardrobe. Her clothes are fun, modern and will have people asking “Where did you get that?!!!”

4. Rebe

Davina Dress by Rebe

I chose Rebe because I really haven’t seen anything like it before.  The silhouettes and layering techniques are really different, and in the best way possible. Each piece is interesting to look at and kind of tells a story in a way.  Her dresses look really easy to wear and they have POCKETS which is a major bonus for me (and I’m sure most women out there)! I’m looking forward to seeing some of her hanging wall pieces that she mentioned in her Art Star Blog interview. They look really intricate and textural in the picture and I can’t wait to see them in person.

5. Yardsale Press

Hot Tots Screen Print by Yardsale Press

How ’bout a little sumpin sumpin to spruce up your walls? Yardsale Press has funny, light hearted prints that will bring a smile to your face everyday.  Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, living room… okay, really you could hang these anywhere in your house and they will look great. I’m already a proud owner of their “Looking Good” print and I’m hoping to see some exciting new work from them this year! A little bird told me that Yardsale Press designed a Tshirt specially for Art Star, so you should stop in the shop and check ’em out.

There you have it folks…housewares, jewelry, clothing and art! Have a great time at the ASCB this year:)

Thanks so much Kelly!  Please check out her amazing art work here and follow her company K Knits on Facebook!

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